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Save the date: 14th–15th September 2019

Barts Bash TV

12th September at 13:44

INTRODUCING... Bart’s Bash TV!!

To show the world how amazing this event is we have decided to put together a series of highlight shows on the day, reflecting the event in different timezones, with a final episode being available the weekend after the Bash.


Here’s how you get involved:

In advance: We’d love to hear your stories about why Bart’s Bash is important to you. So please video something now and send it to us using the instructions below.

On the day: Please start your video with the words “Welcome to Bart’s Bash at” Whether this is individuals or as groups, we want to capture Bart’s Bash in it’s true form, lots of people having a great day together taking part in an amazing sport.

Film some racing, some before and after shots and perhaps ask a few of your participants if they enjoyed themselves.

We’d love to hear your story about why this event is important to you. What’s special about what you’re doing and your location? Also can you include a landmark that makes your area unique?

You can send your videos in lots of different ways:
1. Dropbox- If you have an account save the file and share the link with us
2. Wetransfer the video across to
3. YouTube Upload the video to your own YouTube account and include your location and ‘Bart’s Bash’ in the title. Please say who and where you are in the details. Include ‘BartsBash’ in the tags. Then please send the YouTube URL of your video clip to:
4. Email your video to

For the pros:
If you can rally the technical capability to get creative that would be great. Can you immediately edit the best bits together and send us the video direct via our FTP system? Keep the video short – around a minute and export as H264, Quicktime .mov . Data rate: 3000kbps Frame size; 1024x576

That should enable you to upload it quickly (and for us to download it quickly) via our FTP:

Address the clip to: and put the details of who and where you are in the message.


Bart’s Bash will officially kick off at 0000 UTC on Sunday 20th September- The venue where that we will be we are still not sure of as we are waiting for all venues to sign up but we will keep you posted.

There will be 3 highlights videos each representing a different part of the world (all times are shown in UTC so you will need to check against the time in your country). They are as follows

Episode 1- To be shown at 07:00 UTC
Episode 2- To be shown at 16:00 UTC
Episode 3- To be shown at 00:00 UTC September 21st

Episode 1 will include highlights from Countries in time zones UTC+12 hours - UTC+4 hours and will include highlights from countries including New Zealand, China and Indonesia

Episode 2 will include Countries in timezones UTC+3 - UTC-1 including Africa, South Africa and Europe.

Episode 3 will include highlights videos from venues in timezones UTC-2 – UTC -9 and will include venues in USA, South America and the Caribbean.

Tweet and share your pictures as soon as possible using the hashtag #bartsbash #sailonbart . Add the detail of who and where you are.
Or you can upload your best pictures to Flickr and send the link to: along with all the details.


Social Media Links-

Twitter- @bartsbash
Facebook- BartsBash
Instagram- Barts_bash_
Official Hashtags- #SailonBart #BartsBash

SO, get thinking about your filming and picture plan, we can't wait to see your Highlights!

The Bart's Bash team

Download the poster


Download the poster

Download the official poster for the "World's Largest Sailing Event"